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Once married, they wanted to be faithful to that covenant, but they experienced difficulties that could have been avoided.I'm grateful for their commitment to marriage and the desire to be faithful "till death us do part." Once a couple has committed at the altar – short of a few biblical exceptions – that is indeed the true path of faithfulness.Cap it off by hitting her up to pay next time you go out.She's just a "friend with benefits" until she discovers her ticking biological clock.There’s even an iconic John Waters quote about it, so I know I’m in good company.“I started dating a finance bro for the first time in my life — and of course he owned precisely zero books. Because he didn’t read, he had no inner life whatsoever. He was also way too conservative and seemed threatened by opposing points of view.

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They acted solely on their feelings and tied the knot.

So how do you decide who to date, who to engage as a friend only, and from whom you should walk away while muttering under your breath, “No way, Jose!

” Sometimes you won’t know the answer until you’ve been around a person once or twice.

Here are a few dating red flags we’ve blown past — only to have things blow up in our faces, no surprise.

“I’ve always had a rule that I wouldn’t date people who didn’t read.

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